Shuttertax have transformed my business! In the last three years I've pushed ahead quickly with my photography business and have achieved a lot in a short space of time. My accounts weren't keeping up with my success and then I was introduced to Shuttertax. What a difference! I don't have to take precious time out of my shooting, editing or family time to catch up with my books and keep my records straight. Now it's all up to date and I feel completely in control of my finances.

Paul is always on hand to answer my many questions because all this is new to me and I want to focus on the creative side of things!

Thanks so much.

Lisa Sumner Little Primrose Photography

Shuttertax has fundamentally improved the way that I run the financial side of my business, allowing me to not only rapidly adjust to the Government's plans for 'Making Tax Digital' but, equally importantly, free up time for focussing on growing my business and the core tasks of being a full-time photographer.

Since joining Shuttertax in April 2019, I've found Paul to be extremely responsive to questions and hugely helpful in overcoming the inevitable teething problems associated with moving accounting and business management systems.

The accounting side of my business is now running smoother, I have to spend less time administering my business and I know that by having Shuttertax take care of my accounts on a monthly basis, my year-end return will be seamless and not the daunting task it was previously.

I'd recommend that any photographers looking to streamline, take the pain away from the accounting side of their business and rapidly adjust to the 'Making Tax Digital' environment contact Shuttertax, it'll be one of the very best investments they could make.

Andy Davison Andy Davison Photography

If you've ever seen the first episode of Black Books where the character Bernard Black is trying to do his taxes, you would have a fairly good idea of what our messy and confusing system was like before we looked to Shuttertax for help. Since then, with gentle encouragement and lots of advice, all that mess is now untangled and organised. Now everything is so much more simple! Our accounts are now a small task once a month, rather than a mammoth task that feels overwhelming only weeks before everything is due. Our accounts are no longer something we stress about, the prompts are great, simple and easy to understand too.

Paul really does have the patience of a saint. We must actually be some of the most troublesome clients he has because we really are useless with numbers. He's taken the time to explain things plainly with clear instructions, answered countless questions, helped with confusing or difficult situations. An added bonus is that he understands the photography industry and has more of an idea of how things work from a small (creative) business perspective than other accountants we've worked with in the past, which makes such a difference.

We wholeheartedly, highly recommend Shuttertax to any photographer who is stressing and struggling to manage and understand their accounts.

Jenni & Alex Cluskey-Smith Cluskey-Smith Weddings

Fabulous service. Really helpful and have answered all my stupid questions promptly and in a very straightforward manner. Previously I completely was in fear of this side of my business. Paul makes things easy though, provides great one-to-one care and is very supportive. Excellent service - highly recommended!!"

Glenn Norwood Norwood Photography

We have run the Fountain Photography studio for over 14 years and had so many different accountants that we've lost track how many, and not one of them was right for our business. Until now non of the accountants we have used have really understood the photography world, know what we can claim for and what we cannot, or used QuickBooks which is an amazing platform for online accounts. We just wish we had been told about Shuttertax and their services earlier, it would have saved us thousands ££££ of unnecessary fees and payments.

Shuttertax have been doing our accounts for the last six months and we can't thank Paul and his team enough. They have saved us money, advised us on what we can correctly claim for and told us of things that we didn't claim for but now can. We've moved on to QuickBooks which is so simple and easy to use and so quick to check on a day to day basis. We've not looked back since bringing Shuttertax onboard and cannot thank or recommend them enough.

Andy & Lewis Fountain Fountain Photography

If there's one thing I have learned running my own business, it's that I can't do everything myself. Yes, there is a tonne of helpful information out there about keeping one's own books, but there is nothing quite like having an accountant available to ask all those silly little questions you just can't find the answer to.

I always imagined that hiring an accountant would be a once-per-year relationship with a stranger who, each April, would grill me about all my poor expense reports before sending me away with a hefty bill and no clue what just happened. That might actually be the case elsewhere, but with Paul and Shuttertax I feel like I have taken on a new member of my team who is available for me to turn to when I need help or guidance.

I can't compare Shuttertax to other accountants because I have never used any other. I don't know if all accountants are this attentive and easy to deal with, or if I just got lucky, but I can tell you that I have no desire to go elsewhere to find out.

James Morgan JLM Wedding Photography

THIS MAN IS A SAINT! I think Paul should receive a Knighthood after dealing with my last year's accounts. Having had another baby and juggling two little people I had absolutely left my accounts in complete disarray. Receipts in knicker drawers, stuck in coat pockets....yep, I was that person who had well and truly left everything in a mess. Finding I had no time (or patience) to actually sort it all out, I was referred to Shuttertax by a friend.

Paul has worked tirelessly to sort out my shambles of annual accounts so my tax return could be submitted and I could actually see what my financial position was as a business. Without Paul I'd be fumbling through my tax return and dreading next year. I've always believed in having a firm grasp on your finances so you can understand how your business is performing and how to grow it and for me, with Paul managing my monthly accounts, I am now in a better position to manage my business.

Thanks so much Paul.

Viv Guy Photography by Vivienne Guy

I feel I MUST tell you how delighted I am with my whole Shuttertax experience. I had a mental block and an absolute fear of all things self-employment after 20+years of PAYE. I also didn't like to admit my ignorance and that I was uncomfortable 'revealing all' to a virtual stranger. I put off 'dealing' with this until weeks before my tax return was due, giving me sleepless nights and untold stress.

I then called Shuttertax, and almost instantly felt SO much better.

Paul's calmness and professionalism were just the attitude I needed, and he made me feel that I was in very safe and confidential hands. I provided Paul with all the information he asked for, and he did everything else, prepared my accounts, discussed with me the finer points, gave advice and options and finally, and with such an ease of transaction, submitted everything to HMRC for me. It was a pleasure to pay his invoice, something which I have never said in my life before, or since to be honest.

That was a year ago now, and since then I have been uploading monthly and paying Shuttertax monthly too, and have absolute ZERO stress when it comes to my accounts or dealing with HMRC.

A delight to deal with and a pleasure to recommend to anyone.

Nik Proctor Proctor Photography Training

Signing up with Shuttertax was the best decision I have made for my business! After my first year in business I was approaching the time I would have to put in a tax return and I quite simply did not have a clue what I was doing. I had been filling out a spreadsheet with all my outgoings and incomings for the year but I had no idea what I needed to do when it comes to filling out a tax return.

Luckily I spotted Shuttertax on the Guild of Photographers website and after an initial consultation with Paul on the phone I was completely sold. Paul makes the monthly process of running my accounts so quick and simple and even sends a monthly reminder. The fact Paul used to be a photographer means he understands what most of the transactions and outgoings already are making the whole process a doddle! Being able to not worry about the accounting side of my business and knowing it is in a safe pair of hands giving me more time to concentrate on other areas of my business is absolutely amazing.

I can highly recommend Shuttertax if you are looking for a fantastic accountant who will undoubtedly be an asset and time saver for your business! Quite frankly, you shouldn't be looking anywhere else for your accounting needs as a photographer!

A massive thank you Paul for the hard work you do and for getting me a wonderful initial tax rebate!

Alex Buckland Alex Buckland Photography

I'm possibly the world's most annoying client. I knew nothing. Paul has the patience of a saint. The service was fast, detailed and the communication was on another level of amazing. I genuinely couldn't have asked more from him.

Using Shuttertax to sort my business has been one of the smartest business decisions I've made to date. I just wish he had a service to sort the rest of my life.

If you're a self employed photographer, look no further than Shuttertax. 5 stars without hesitation.

Samantha McFadzean Tink & Lulu Photography

I can't recommend Shuttertax highly enough! Paul spent ages on the phone with me initially and helped me sort out all my tax affairs. His system is really good and once you've got everything up to date it's a breeze and you can get on worrying about other things aside from the dreaded tax man! Thanks so much Paul.

Clare Walpole Clare Walpole Photography

Using Shuttertax was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. I looked at changing accountants when I realised I was paying an enormous fee and not getting very much in return from my previous accountant. Paul made the transition to Shuttertax as easy as possible. Within the space of a few weeks we were up and running with all information in place.

The monthly process is so simple and quick I almost feel like I am missing something! Being a photographer himself means that Paul is able to recognise and complete most of the monthly transactions without having to ask me. The system runs like clockwork. It has really taken all the worry and time out of preparing my accounts and allows me to focus on the enjoyable parts of the business like taking photographs!

If you are a photographer and looking for an accountant or are thinking of changing accountants what are you waiting for?? Game over.

Mark Cox Mark Cox Photography

I have been using Shuttertax for my accounts and I can say it has been one of the best decisions I have made. Paul has really helped me in my first year of trading and has provided some excellent advice for which I will always be thankful.

My first year has been chaotic and a steep learning curve. Paul has been very patient and understanding with my complete incompetence in understanding how much (and why) I must donate my hard money to this frivolous government who act worse than school children ..... sorry I got side tracked (now you know what Paul has to deal with)!!

With Paul's fantastic knowledge I can go to sleep at night knowing that I have not paid too much, and more importantly, paid too little which gives the wife a quieter life. Thanks Paul!!

Jim Barrett-Smith Just Big Smiles Limited

Shuttertax is awesome. The system is simple to use, they have great communication and most importantly requires minimal input from me. Paul has created an accountancy system which truly works.

I can highly recommend Shuttertax to anyone who is looking to maximise their time, be it for generating more business or spending it with the family."

Tom Brown Browns Films

Shuttertax is a game changer. I used to spend hours each month getting everything ready for my accountant, add on top of that, various meetings & phone calls which took away valuable time I needed to spend on the business. It was clear to me why some people find dealing with accountants so stressful.

Then I met Paul... he now saves me hours of work each month by doing it all for me. Everything is online, updated monthly, no longer complicated and I can run reports when I need them to see exactly where I am. I just update 1 report each month, send over a few files and it's all done... simple... just the way it should be.

Shuttertax really changed my business and the way I work, I no longer worry or stress over the accounts side of things and I can concentrate more on my clients and building my business.

Kris Paterson Little Moment Photography

Paul has totally taken the stress and unknown out of my tax/financial side for my new wedding photography business. I was hopelessly floundering with my own tax and accounts and Paul not only got me a massive initial £4800 rebate by claiming for stuff retrospectively (which I had no idea about) but he has totally organised and set up everything for me so it all runs like clockwork now.

The Shuttertax Portal is super easy to use and Paul takes great care and patience in explaining stuff to me! I only have to spend a few minutes each month now and I know exactly my financial status through the great reports in Quickbooks.

A huge thank you Paul for all your hard work and calm voice!

Liza O'Malley Liza O'Malley Photography

Paul at Shuttertax is an absolute accounting rockstar!

Paul has made my life so much easier than my current system and has been happy to explain every detail at every step of the way. Before finding Paul from the Guild of Photographers membership programme, my books were unorganised and I was uneducated about what I can and can't claim through my business. Paul has fixed this and more.

I think Paul could sort out any type of business accounting issues but knowing he's also a photographer is an added bonus that's worth every penny. Don't waste your time 'and money' with high street accountants, go and see Paul at Shuttertax!

Rob Nelson Robert Nelson Creative Media

I cannot recommend Paul @ Shuttertax highly enough. After putting off and worrying about my first year's accounts, I spotted another photographer's recommendation via Facebook. No sooner had I made an enquiry, Paul was on the phone putting me at ease but with a very clear explanation of what I needed to do as deadlines were now "very tight".

After taking the time to bring all things together and submitting to Paul, all my worries were taken away immediately. Now, from month to month, a quick log in to the system to clarify a few points and update banking activity by a click of a button is as far as my worries go, it is so simple.

An excellent find! 5 Stars.

Andy Jukes Andrew Jukes Photography Ltd

I recently employed Paul to be my accountant after attempting to manage the book-keeping myself. In a matter of a couple of weeks, Paul has organised my accounts, set up easy processes for me to use going forward and has also secured me a whopping tax rebate in the thousands! As if this wasn't enough, my questions and queries are answered with lightning speed. I just wish I had found Shuttertax years earlier!

Summer Johnston Summer Johnston Photography

A big thank you for helping me out with my tax return. Having got myself into a bit of a pickle (my own stupid fault), you got me out and resubmitted my return within three days. Well worth the money and I'm looking forward to you taking over my accounts in the future so I can't get myself in trouble again.

Lisa Wildgoose Wildgoose Photographics

I couldn't have found a more ideal partner to work with when I was looking to get on top of my tax affairs. Paul has been brilliant from day one; holding my hand through all the technical aspects and ultimately saving me not only money, but also time and stress.

Having been a photographer himself, Paul is ideally suited to understanding the nuances of a photography business. On top of that, he is readily available to answer any questions - and I had lots of questions! He is quick to respond (even outside of office hours on occasion) and keeps me up to speed with exactly what I need to do.

I genuinely consider myself lucky to have found Shuttertax - the whole process so far has been about as far removed from the stereotypical experience of working with an accountant as I could imagine, and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Jon Cripwell Jon Cripwell Photography

We've worked with Paul now for almost a year and it was the best decision we took moving from our old impersonal accountant to Shuttertax. Paul is approachable, patient, understanding and passionate about making your accounts a simple, straightforward process, involving no stress or worry - sounds idyllic and it is!! We can't recommend highly enough and can't believe we didn't do it sooner.

Jean Rolfe Wild by Nature

I switched to Shuttertax from another accountant where I did my own books, and immediately felt a big weight lifted off my shoulders! From the first email I knew this was the accountant for me; no jargon, integration with my current CRM and invoicing system, and a feeling of being prioritised (I've never had to wait long to sort something out).

I'm now finally up to speed every month with my accounts, and I'm not dreading the usual receipt pile and tax return at the end of the year. In addition, Paul has experience with the wedding photography industry which has been very beneficial; like that I've been able to claim for things I didn't know I could.

In short, I don't have to worry about making mistakes with my accounting anymore. Even if I mess things up a little (because I'm absolutely number blind and sometimes things just don't make sense), it's never a problem for Paul and he'll sort things out or explain in a very straightforward way before you know it! I could not recommend enough!

Ingeborg Haarr Glitter & Twigs

Shuttertax is the accounting service both you and your business deserve!

Let's be honest, for most small business owners bookkeeping, tax and accounting form part of the dreaded admin we could all do without! It's for this very reason I am so over the moon that I came across Shuttertax... I honestly cannot recommend their services highly enough. From the word go, Paul has been friendly, responsive and highly knowledgeable on all counts. I'm really impressed with their entire setup and how meticulously the Shuttertax team ensure everything is up to date whilst involving me consistently too.

The transition from my previous accountant was totally painless from my perspective and I actually feel like I have a better understanding of what my financial outcome for the year will be. It feels like we have a well thought out plan and that I have a grasp on how my business can work better for me. It is also so refreshing to be using a system which completely embraces technology and makes life so straightforward, seamless and dare I say fun to be a part of too?

A big thank you Paul for setting up and offering such great service to our industry.

Michelle Wiggett Wiggett Limited

Paul has been a breath of fresh air! I used to dread doing my accounts; my previous accountant left everything to the last possible moment which meant trawling through bank statements and bookkeeping months, even years, after they were needed. The stress of impending tax returns was massive! Paul untangled the mess of years of 'papering over the cracks accountancy' and has set up a very slick, near-automated and transparent system where I know what's going on with my business at any point in the financial year.

Paul is thorough, precise and incredibly efficient at what he does. It's hugely reassuring to know that the tax and bookkeeping side of the business is now in good hands. It's been a pleasure to work with Paul and incredibly reassuring as well!

Jim Davidson James Davidson Photography

I only started as a sole trader photographer in November and Paul came highly recommended by other members of the Guild of Photographers.

Maths was one of my strongest subjects at school, but accountancy? Working within the Financial Services Industry I've dealt with many people who work on finance/payroll and been blinded with jargon. That's where Paul stands out from the crowd, laying things out in layman terms, prompt to respond to any questions and simplifying the whole process.

A credit to Shuttertax and someone I now consider to be a friend who loves my passion of photography and not to mention football.

Wayne Carson WA Captures

Paul is a delight to work with, and has taken such a huge weight off of my mind. I'm sure, like many other photographers out there, accounting is not my forte! I was at that point where the dreaded tax return deadline was looming and I literally didn't know where to start. I spoke to one accountant who showed no interest in taking me on, then a friend recommended Shuttertax to me, and I'm so glad I got in touch.

From my very first contact with Paul everything has been super smooth, easy and professional. Paul really takes the time to listen and explain things, and deals with everything very efficiently and professionally - you know you're in safe hands. His personable style really puts you at ease, and nothing is too much trouble.

Paul has really helped me out and I can't recommend his services enough.

Mark Bunney Mark Bunney Photography

I feel compelled to write a quick endorsement for the services of Paul Simpson who with his lovely wife Debi run Shuttertax - Guild Trade Partner accountants.

I run my photography business on a sole trader basis, I think quite a lot of us in The Guild do the same. I do not enjoy end of year accounts - I could do them if I had to, but honestly, I would rather be doing something else. With my previous accountants, the idea was that I would run a spreadsheet that I would update periodically and at the end of the March-April financial year I would finish off and submit for the accountant to do his stuff and complete a tax return. The reality was that I would be fine for the first two weeks of the year and then fall behind and not really do anything until after the end of the financial year. Then followed the laborious process of sorting out income and outgoings and mileage etc etc. Quite often it would be October/November before it was all sorted.

This year it has all been completed and I was actually due a refund from HMRC (result!) and today I received the refund - on the 16th May! All done!

The reason for this miracle is that with Shuttertax you get your business account linked to Intuit Quickbooks Online so Paul can see your income and outgoings and create reports to clarify entries that he is unsure about. He also utilises Google Sheets which means you can update mileage, expenses booked in advance and miscellaneous expenses as they happen. Everything can be done online and Paul is always available for email or telephone support when you need it.

Both Paul and Debi were formerly wedding photographers so they can relate to our world which definitely helps. Very reasonably priced with monthly payments - what's not to like? So if you hate doing accounts or have an accountant that leaves you to do a spreadsheet that you never complete, take a look at Shuttertax. Highly recommended.

Andy Jones Andy Jones Photography

I have just started using Shuttertax for my accounts and I can say it has been one of the best decisions I have made. No more rushing to finish my tax return or sit there thinking have I remembered everything?

Paul is just fantastic, so knowledgeable, helpful and patient. He keeps on top of everything for me now leaving me to the more creative side of running a business. He's already earned me his money back in spotting things I had missed and his advice has been worth every penny.

Knowing that I can get on with business and not worry about the finances side is such a nice feeling and I can't thank Shuttertax enough for that! Looking forward to the next year of worry free shooting of weddings!!

Mike Savory Mike Savory Wedding Films

I have just started working with Shuttertax but I know they are going to change my business for the better. Paul has been so helpful in offering advice on all aspects of my accounts - things I didn't even know about. Even after having worked with an alternative accountant for the previous 4 years I have never been offered half of the options that Paul has suggested will benefit my business.

I am excited for the future working with Shuttertax. They have been an absolute godsend so far in completing my tax return super fast for me to apply for a mortgage. Paul has answered all my silly questions - even out of hours and I am so grateful for him explaining everything to me in a way that is easy to understand and implement into my business.

I look forward to building a better business financially with the support of the Shuttertax team.

Danielle Smith Danielle Smith Photography

Why Shuttertax? You may ask. I say why not!! These guys are professional, down to earth and, in my books, absolute life savers!

Coming from South Africa, where the tax system is somewhat different, as well as opening my own business for the very first time, I found myself completely out of my depth when it came to the accounting and tax side of things. A bit like a bunny caught in the headlights - frightened beyond belief, overwhelmed and stuck, frozen!

Deciding to acquire the aid of a tax consultant was my first wise step and then choosing to work with Paul at Shuttertax was the best decision ever. What a relief to find someone who not only understands my wide-eyed, hysterical approach to accounting, but who makes the whole business so simple and easy to do. My queries and silly questions are answered almost immediately and they are never more than an email away from assistance - even on a weekend!!

There really isn't more I can say, except to those of you who are on the fence about getting help - don't wait for the end of another tax year and the terrifying stress that comes with it - just give Paul at Shuttertax a call / email and let your worries be a thing of the past.

Vicky Glanvill Vicky Glanvill Photography

Some months ago I'd heard about Shuttertax from a photographer friend, but like everything else in life that has a deadline, thinking about my tax return was still some months off.

Fast forward six months and the realisation that January was around the corner, I sat down and began wading through the endless number of receipts that had gathered in my 'To Action' folder. Of course, with all good intentions, the year had started well as I promised myself that this year was going to be different and I was going to keep on top of my receipts and diligently record month by month my expenses onto my well thought out and logical spreadsheet I had lovingly created and saved to my desktop - Baloney!

I was drowning in a sea of paperwork. Paul was my lifeline, my floatation aid, my inflatable armbands and only and always a phone call away. Nothing was too much trouble, no question too daft. I admit to feeling a little smug when those around me continued to battle their demons tapping away ferociously on a calculator to make the sums add up.

I have so much confidence in Paul and Debra and knowing they have my best interests at heart is so reassuring. They are passionate, knowledgable and just simply, nice people.

The service you will receive from Shuttertax is A-maz-ing. I have and will continue to recommend them to all my photographer friends. It's a no brainer.

My tax return is no longer taxing. If it's the only thing you do today, go to their website, check them out and get ahead of the game!

Mark Nortcliffe Mark Nortcliffe Photography

Where do we start?!?!

We started our businesses at a relatively young age and went with an accountant who was recommended to us by a family friend and, to put it blankly, we did not have a clue! We ended up feeling trapped by a company that did not care about our business growth or financial wellbeing. To them we were just a very easy hefty fee for minimal work. There was no planning or explanation to what was required of us, our businesses, or in fact general HMRC rules/regulations. After 6 years it was apparent that something had to change. Whenever an email came from them, panic would set in and the stress of having unorganised and rushed return dates was taking its toll.

That is when we were introduced to Shuttertax by a fellow wedding professional/friend. It took one phone call to know that Shuttertax had our best interests at heart and within a matter of weeks we had moved over. We can honestly say it was the best thing we have done since starting our companies. We never feel stupid for asking a question about something we are not sure about, or discussing our future plans and goals. We now feel that we have someone on our side and that is SO IMPORTANT to us.

Jennifer & Steven Breame Be Inspired Media Ltd & Unique Visuals Limited

I never thought I'd say this about an accountant, but it's been a genuine pleasure working with Shuttertax over the last year.

For the first time since we started our business there's been no panic in the lead up to submitting our tax return. There's been no sinking feeling every time we get an email from them. Everything has been so seamless and easy. We've gone from spending days on our accounts to minutes. Literally.

We know that if we ever need a helping hand they're only ever an email away. Correspondence is always quick, professional and helpful. You couldn't ask for more.

Switching to Shuttertax has been one of the best things we've ever done for our business and we couldn't recommend them enough.

Louise Young Sam & Louise Photography Limited

I've received an excellent service from Shuttertax - I really can't fault anything Paul has done.

I'm new to being self employed and needed my first tax return done quickly for a mortgage application. Although I'd kept records of sales and purchases, I basically had no idea where to start with doing my assessment. I felt quite overwhelmed by the whole process.

I had no idea how to manage and depreciate purchases of business assets such as my camera, and wasn't sure how to claim other expenses such as mileage. As I also have a job and two young children I just didn't have time to research all this myself, so I imagine had I not found Paul I'd have ended up not claiming for a lot of things I could claim for, and ignorantly claiming for things I shouldn't.

From the moment I got in touch with Shuttertax I knew I'd made the right decision to outsource this particular task to Paul. Paul is extremely knowledgable and friendly, and immediately put my mind at ease. He not only knows what he's doing inside-out, he understands my business and has meticulous attention to detail. He also got the job done really quickly at a very reasonable cost.

It's not easy for me to hand over anything to anyone (I'm one of those people who feels that if I want something done right then I should do it myself), but I'll be handing my accounts to Paul for years to come without a second thought. Thank you Shuttertax!

Vicky Horsfield VH Photography

Andy & I would like to say how happy we are with the service that we have received from Paul since switching from our accountant to his accountancy company a couple of months ago.

Being a photographer himself he has a total understanding of our business and all of the incomings & outgoings and worked very quickly to get our account up and running, patiently explaining the systems to us. We feel that he went above and beyond during the changeover period as he had more work to do than was first anticipated but he offered a solution that was agreeable to us without any fuss.

We would highly recommend his services, we are already saving money and time!!

Andy & Sacha Stoyle ALS Photography

I switched to Shuttertax a few months back after becoming increasingly disappointed with my accountants, a well established national company considered to be a market leader. I've ran a limited company since 2003, only moving in to photography full-time this year. I needed to be confident the new accountants I chose could provide a full service package that covered all my needs. I found them in Shuttertax.

Changing to Shuttertax has proved to be a wise choice! They have highlighted and taken action to correct overpayments and errors, simplified how information is recorded through the use of QuickBooks Online, providing access to information and reports I didn't previously have.

The process of transferring my accounts to Shuttertax was quick and easy. Any questions I had were answered fully without the use of 'accountant jargon'. Their professionalism and customer service speaks volumes about how they view you as a client.

As if their friendly, professional service wasn't enough, I think their fees are extremely reasonable with no hidden costs which have resulted in reducing my accountancy fees by more than two thirds.

I have no hesitation recommending Shuttertax to anyone, even if you do your own books, save your time and engage Shuttertax. They'll do a much better job of it for you!

Kim Byrne Kim Byrne Photography (trading name of CKB Consultants Limited)

Wow, I wish I'd discovered Shuttertax years ago!

I recently switched from a High Street accountant who was charging me a fortune and had me typing up spreadsheets and labelling invoices every month - time consuming and tedious!

Shuttertax have a very straight forward and efficient way of working which requires very little effort from me. The process of switching was painless and it has made me more productive, saves time and costs far less.

Their customer service and professionalism is top notch too, after only a couple of months of working with Shuttertax I can see it has been a great decision and I can highly recommend them.

Dale Turner Dale Turner Photography

I have been really impressed with the service that Paul from Shuttertax has provided me.

Being someone who was a bit of a control freak where their finances were concerned, I probably spent too much time focusing on the accounts rather than the business itself. Paul assured me that I would have up to date account information at my fingertips but without all the hard work getting there. Paul has set up some bespoke reports for me in QuickBooks Online which provide me with the real time information that I am looking for.

The process of transferring my accounts to Shuttertax has been seamless. I cannot thank him enough and hope he won't regret all the extra transactions I get in as I have more time to focus on the business!

Jennifer Sinclair Jennifer Sinclair Photography

Highly recommend Shuttertax! Paul is friendly, helpful and very professional. No question is too stupid, communication is excellent and my tax returns have been painless now for two years since using them. I am definitely a customer for life!!

Natalie Clarke Freya Photography

This is my first year with Shuttertax and I'm absolutely delighted I signed up with them.

When I started my business nearly three years ago I had plenty of time to record my sales and expenses, and even attempt my first self assessment. However, the busier I got over time, I found bookkeeping and tax matters a laborious task.

Paul took most of the tedium of accounting off my hands, and in completing two tax assessments for me so far, has certainly saved me more money than I've paid Shuttertax.

I've found Paul's knowledge of tax issues invaluable, and he responds quickly to any questions I've asked. I've absolutely no regrets signing up with Shuttertax.

Steve Jones Steve Jones Photography

I cannot shout for Shuttertax loud enough!!! I have just completed my first year in business and I had no idea about tax. I also have a full time job so time is scarce. An accountant was the only way to go.

When I contacted Shuttertax I really did not know what to expect so was very pleased when I spoke to Paul who is not only knowledgeable but a really friendly guy too. He goes out of his way to explain things to me in a way that I will understand and answers my questions quickly.

Shuttertax has definitely saved me money in my first year and with Paul's help, I am sure my business will grow and grow. Top marks for Shuttertax!!!

Oh - and Paul and his wife know the business too which he tends to keep quiet! They were excellent togs so know what hurdles we all face with running our business.

Andy Dawson Andrew Dawson Photography Limited

Having muddled through my accounting and tax returns for years, I contacted Paul at Shuttertax recently with a view to taking on their services. From the outset, I knew I had made the right decision. In addition to being qualified bookkeepers, Paul and his wife/business partner Debra are also professional photographers, and it was wonderful to not only be able to put my tax affairs into their capable hands, but also to know that they both completely understand my business, having "been there, done that!" themselves.

I've always been a bit dense in the figures department, but Paul patiently and expertly answered every single 'daft question' I threw at him and due to his expertise and patience my self assessment return has now been filed in record time and with the minimum of stress on my part.

I was so impressed with the service received from Shuttertax that I have signed up for their 'Finding your Feet' option, which means that, when HMRC enforce their requirement for businesses to use digital accounting, I'll be ahead of the game for once.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Paul and Debra at Shuttertax and look forward to working with them in the future.

Lorraine Jardim Ellie J Photography

If you're thinking of doing your own self assessment tax return, give Shuttertax a ring first unless you have hours and hours to waste viewing forums and sites for advice and still not being much clearer on the process.

Paul is a brilliant guy, extremely helpful, understanding, and within minutes you will realise that you've found someone who's passionate to help other photographers (for an extremely competitive rate) take all the hassle out of self assessment and tax matters. For me, it felt like talking to a knowledgeable friend who's keen to help, rather than an accountancy firm who only see me as a commercial opportunity. And Shuttertax are a trade partner of the Guild of Photographers too.

Greg Keeling Greg Keeling Photography