Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. We don't tie you in to a contract, we just ask that you give us one month's notice if you wish to leave.

Your quote is based upon whether you're a sole trader, partnership or limited company, and at what stage your business is at. We hope that by asking for your average number of monthly transactions and estimated annual turnover, we can give you a fair quote.

If you do go into the next band, we won't immediately raise your fee. However, if your business grows and you start to generate more transactions on a regular basis each month, we'll get in touch and have a chat. If we do put your fee up, we'll make sure you get plenty of notice.

Yes. The fixed monthly fee includes your year-end accounts and tax return as well as your monthly bookkeeping.

If your year-end has passed, we offer a generously discounted catch-up fee.

Of course, your fixed fee includes email and telephone support. Because of the nature of our job, there are times when we're unable to pick up the phone. We may be in the middle of a complex calculation or working on a client's file. If this is the case, we almost always call you back the same day. Email is usually the best way to contact us and we'll often reply outside of business hours too!

When you sign up, you'll be allocated a client folder in Dropbox.

No, you can upload every couple of months or every quarter if you prefer. Uploading documents every month ensures you get the best possible service though. If you're VAT registered, we'll give you a deadline date each quarter so we'll never risk submitting late and incurring a fine.

Ultimately, yes. As HMRC are introducing digital accounts in the near future, there will be a requirement for up to date information. Cloud software will be essential. There will no longer be an end of year rush to beat the January 31st submission deadline, our work will be spread evenly throughout the course of the year.

The proposed HMRC digital tax accounts will require the use of software which "talks" to their system. We're happy to prepare accounts from your own figures if your year-end has passed but would then migrate you to cloud software if you wished to continue using our services. We offer a great incentive for you to do this too. By using cloud software, we can either input all your data ourselves, or closely monitor your own input. This works out to be more cost efficient than correcting potential errors in software we don't use regularly.

It's easy. Just let us have their details and we'll send them a standard letter asking for the information we need. It's a fairly straightforward procedure.

Of course not, we just specialise in this area. We have clients ranging from tradespeople to online shops.

In the unlikely event you do want to cancel, we make this as simple as we can. We'll just need one month's notice. After we receive your final month's payment, we'll extract all your QuickBooks Online data in the form of Excel or .csv files for you to pass on to your new bookkeeper/accountant. Anything else required will be sent promptly.