Fantastic Monthly Payment Plan

There are so many positives to monthly online accounting (see our 'We've partnered with QuickBooks Online' post).

However, if you've recently handed over a hefty sum to an accountant/bookkeeper, or even a more moderate sum to ourselves, it's probably fair to say that you wouldn't be completely overjoyed to immediately shell out for a monthly option, despite all the obvious advantages.

Well there is another way ...

We've introduced a fantastic monthly payment plan (we couldn't think of a quirky name) so we simply call it 'Fantastic Monthly Payment Plan'.

Why's it so fantastic?

Rather than paying a one-off fee for your first set of accounts and tax return with us followed immediately by monthly payments for the second set of accounts, we add the two years together and split into monthly instalments. No lump sum to pay!

See how it works by selecting one of our options - 'Taking your First Steps', 'Finding your Feet' or 'Up and Running' - on our 'Services' page to get an instant quote.

If this sounds interesting, please get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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